Grass Referral Program

2 min readJun 19, 2023

Welcome to Grass beta! Entry to the Grass beta is invitation-only, so if you’ve made it here, congratulations. This is as early as it gets.

Today we’ll go over Grass Points, the points-based rewards system that will be used on the app. At this stage, points are instrumental in determining the distribution of network ownership, so read on to find out how you can take advantage of it and benefit as one of Grass’s earliest users.

Earning Grass Points happens through three primary actions:

  1. When you download and use Grass
  2. When you successfully refer someone
  3. When your referred person(s) extend their invites to others.

Grass Usage

  • After downloading Grass, you will receive points for the activity that you generate, along with a referral link to invite others to download Grass.

Invite Points

  • Whenever your referral link leads to a successful download, your Grass Points will grow by 20% of your referred user’s points in perpetuity.

Secondary Points

  • When someone you invite shares an invite, your points will increase by 10% of the secondary referee’s points in perpetuity. The more users your referral onboards to the network, the more points you get.

Tertiary Points

  • Every time someone at the second level of your referral network shares an invite, your points will increase by 5% of the 3rd degree invite’s points in perpetuity. This further increases the points you can earn through your extended referral network.

Remember, it’s not just about getting the invites out there — it’s about inviting active users who will contribute to our ecosystem — helping Grass grow while earning you more Grass Points. The longer they stay connected to the Grass network, the greater the rewards you receive — so spread the word and tell everyone to go touch Grass!